Showdown at Sherwood
Sherwood CC, Thousand Oaks, CA
October 25-29, 2017

Complimentary Round of Volunteer Golf


Sherwood Country Club in conjunction with the PGA TOUR Champions has allotted (2) days of golf for volunteers to play as a “thank you” for all their hard work and efforts leading up to and during championship week. Details for the Sherwood Country Club complimentary golf are as follows:

  1. The selected dates for the 2017 PowerShares QQQ Championship will be between January and March of 2018.
  2. Volunteers will play a mid-morning shotgun tee time with 24 groups of 4 participants for a total of 96 players per day.
  3. The volunteer round of golf includes green fees, a base caddie fee, cart fees and on course snacks and beverages compliments of the PGA TOUR Champions.
  4. Volunteers will be responsible for additional costs including food and beverage (if requested in advance) and a $30.00 caddie tip. Boxed lunches are available upon request.
  5. There will be no formal format for this outing. Volunteers are asked to keep their own scores.

To be eligible to receive a complimentary round of golf at Sherwood Country Club, volunteers must qualify and then enter a lottery. Details of the program are as follows:

  1. Only volunteers working the 2017 PowerShares QQQ Championship who have paid for a volunteer package are eligible to play.
  2. All volunteers who work a minimum of (3) three days are eligible to enter the lottery. This is a tournament requirement to volunteer for the event.
  3. The exception to the (3) day minimum is for volunteers in high school who cannot work more than (2) two days due to school obligations. Those who work (2) two days, will have a separate lottery for one spot of bonus golf.
  4. A volunteer name will be entered into the lottery for every day the volunteer works. If a volunteer works for (5) five days, then he or she’s name will be entered into the lottery (5) five times.
  5. Confirmed volunteer shifts will be given by each committee chair to the Championship Office. The Championship Office will use the final schedules to determine the total number of entries per volunteer.
  6. Volunteers can only be entered into the lottery a maximum of (7) seven times (Monday – Sunday) except for Vice Chairs who will be entered twice the allotted days that they work at a maximum of (14) fourteen times.
  7. The Championship office will draw 96 of the total names placed in the lottery box for the first outing date and 96 names for the second outing date. Those 192 names will be notified by the Championship Office by letter and in a newsletter, that they have received an eligible spot to play a complimentary round of golf and have been assigned a day to play in 2018.
  8. Volunteers must confirm receipt of the lottery e-mail or notification by a certain deadline date (January 1st, 2018). If that date passes and there are still available spots then the Championship Office will move to names 193, 194 and so on until all spots have been filled.
  9. Volunteer play days are non-transferrable.
  10. If you played in 2017, then you are still eligible to play in 2018. This will be a new lottery every year.

We look forward to two exciting days of golf and to host you at Sherwood Country Club!