Showdown at Sherwood
Sherwood CC, Thousand Oaks, CA
October 25-29, 2017

Complimentary Round of Volunteer Golf


The following volunteers have been selected to play in the 2016 PowerShares QQQ Championship Bonus Golf Outings.

Please note that the names listed below are not the pairings for the day. This is simply a list of the volunteers who were selected to play.

    Monday, February 13th, 2017


Scott Tesar Thomas Rem Greg Angell Tim McClain
Richard Olmstead Alan Nakamura David Peteque John DeLuca
Jeff Spencer Frank Jacobs David Ramos Chuck Zelden
Gordon Johnson Andy Matson Jonathan Porter Don Foster
Walter Marlette Steven Beardsley Anthony Capozzi (Dad) Ruth Eubanks
Charles Biers Burman Deshautelle KC Riley John Abbott
Tom Wolfe Tanner Brodsky Bradley Davis Jeff Gase
John Coolidge James Boyle Paul Stein Mike Gardner
Kevin Kraft Brent MacLaughlin Paul Franke Tony Avila
Scott Samways Mark Massey Gerald Riggs Jenny Kuhnau
Peter Suescun Donald Hems John Reiland Robert McCurdy
Richard Eubanks Dom Stelluto Ed Viramontes Bill Minkler
Ramiro Reyes Penny Elrich Tim Crable Jeff Moss
Betty Thomas Bill Ramirez Christopher Ring Todd Davis
Brent Davis Tony Kirkpatrick Donald Reese Ron Herndon
Robert Brown Robert Buchanan Robert Morton Dave Narramore
Tim Garcia Yvette Anderson Andrew Wood James Greenway
Darrell Malstrom Rene Solem Patricia Benham Ryan Naranjo
Diana Falberg Linda Ledesma Daryl Breeden Rick Naranjo
Anna Shatravka Bill Battocchio Scott Anderson Alfred Marsh
Michael Wickman Glen Davis Steve Thompson Charles Kuhnau
Heidi Bensinger Gordon Bowers Janine Biede Rich Knox
Bob Peck John Lesser Rusty Fleming Julie Ahdoot
Jason Tanaka Howard Kolodny Louie Cherko Cheri Fletcher Tesar

    Monday, March 6th, 2017

Donna Kaufman Steven Cohen Leo Roach Bill Harms
Carla Chao Jack Wiltfang Greg Mathews Rich Malfatti
Don Heinbuch Stephanie Donckels Mike McGillivary Christine Rundle
Benjie Hernandez Mike Peterson Greg Hokana Roland Hudgins
Dave Ritthamel Sara Luu Byron Greer Susan Valdespino
Andrea Kraemer Steve Burhans Gary Salute Duane Doucette
Desiree Banlowe Dave Gautreaux Marlena Ray Brad King
Branden Augustus Lalit Sharma Michael Cooper Larry Krietzberg
Chris Steele Brian Zell Al Reagan Keith Selbrede
Dennis Wright Jim Knapp Mark Wadsworth Bob Puccio
Nick Bunkua Ganesh Vallasetty Dennis Estrada Sue Brooks
Freddy Zavaleta Ed Trask Chris Nielson Bob Bader
Billy Martin Al Marne Andy Brown Tom Ball
Noel Neeson Makaroni Paragon Edward Simmons Charles South
Martin McCreary David Bengston Herb Schwind Rob Jepson
Ron Orum Andy Tortorici Frank Sawyer Jan Spaulding
Kathy Smith Kurt Ederer Peter Eyermann James Walker
Chad Last Charles Garcia Wayne Lewis Barry Goldberg
Ian Staon Christopher Ring Terry Ball Ron Smith
Richard Melniker Jerry Long Tom Feld Josh Sofaer
George Calvelli Rik Shubb Steve Holmgren Robert Werner
Reginald Johnson Greg Eyrich Jack Woodfin Brian Simonsgaard
Mike Bazzano Paula McCreary Mark Davis Jacqueline Gilmore
Robert Highland Jim Wellington Hank Abramson Mark Bagaason

Bonus Golf Details

Bonus Golf is a thank you to the volunteers who participate and support the PowerShares QQQ Championship. To be eligible to participate in the Volunteer Bonus Golf days, you must commit two (2) full days to the tournament week. Your committee chair will submit your final total day count to the Championship Office to enter your name into the lottery.

  1. Volunteers will play an 11:00 am shotgun tee time with 24 groups of 4 participants for a total of 96 players per day. 
  2. The volunteer rounds of golf includes green fees, a base caddie fee, cart fees and on course snacks and beverages compliments of the PGA TOUR Champions.
  3. Volunteers will be responsible for additional costs including a boxed lunch (if requested in advance, see note below) and a $30.00 minimum caddie tip.
  4. There will be no formal format for this outing. Volunteers are asked to keep their own scores.
  5. The Championship Office will determine the pairings for the day.
  6. If you are interested in participating in an individual competition, please provide your handicap to the Championship Office.

In order to confirm your participation in the event, you must contact Katy Pradella at 818.284.4811 or Please state whether you will be able to play on the date selected. If we do not receive a response, then we plan to offer the opportunity to one of the next name that was selected via the lottery on the waiting list. DATES ARE NON TRANSFERABLE. If you would like to order a boxed lunch along with your round, boxed lunches will be available for purchase and MUST be ordered in advance. Boxed lunches are $25.00 and include a sandwich, chips, piece of fruit and a water. Please send an e-mail to notify the staff that you would like a lunch. 

Thank you in advance for your support of the PGA TOUR Champions and the PowerShares QQQ Championship! We look forward to hosting you at the Sherwood Country Club! We look forward to hearing from you.